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Vegan Natural
Cruelity free No endocrine distruptors

There wonderful box LaPage encompasses our entire world:

  • La Mousse en Rose, delicate mousse, ideal for cleansing - 100ml
  • Pad LaPage, convenient make-up remover disk
  • L'Émulsionemulsion with a light, moisturizing, soothing texture with a revitalizing and refreshing action - 50 ml
  • La Crème Microbiotica, moisturizing cream with a light texture. It counteracts irritative processes, wrinkles and improves the appearance and homogeneity of the skin - 50 ml
  • La Crème Résiliente, plumping and illuminating cream with a strong antioxidant action. With a rich texture, embellished with AP and EOP ceramides, hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights and Japanese Vitamin C, it brings comfort and hydration - 50 ml
  • Le Sérum Révoine, 100% natural serum that revitalizes, balances and repairs the skin - 50 ml

As a gift there cosmetic bag LaPage to always carry with you.

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