Glow Party

When a dream comes true, you feel immense gratitude, and that's exactly what we at LaPage feel.

Without gratitude, all the things that happen to us, all the things that the universe makes available to us, go unnoticed.

On October 8th, the launch party for LaPage Cosmetics, our line of face care products, took place. Everything was held in a splendid venue in the heart of Lugano, amid cascades of flowers and pink lights, which helped create a magical atmosphere.

An event must be memorable, remain in the heart of those who participate. An event must not go unnoticed but must be remembered.

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, and they are called memories.

Some carry us forward, and they are called dreams"

(Jeremy Irons)

Thanks to everyone who attended our event, our dream come true.
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