Oriella Page


My great love for the peony has accompanied me since I was a child and destiny carefully chooses the symbols that accompany us throughout our life.
"I loved playing at being a beautician: creating mixtures, using precious samples that my mother gave me ... so my first institute was born, in a shoe box, Madame l'Étoile".
Nothing is by chance, in the LaPage logo you will find a star that represents light, our brightness just like the writing you find in the " Your Inner Glow " logo.

The experiences of all these years in the world of aesthetics and personal experiences have led me to become the woman I am today, all this gave life to LaPage cosmetics, a perfect combination of profound values, absolute tolerance towards any beauty and gender, the acceptance of us
themselves without judgment, loving each other deeply as we are, clean formulations with a strong belief in using preservatives without endocrine disruptors.

Welcome to the world of LaPage, LaPage's values ​​and philosophy will echo in your mind and you will treasure it.
You will love it as we love it!

yours Oriella


Trusting someone and, therefore, embarking on an adventure with third parties means putting your heart into it and when there are feelings in between, a bond is created, a mutual bond made of respect and loyalty.

Galeotto was the meeting between Oriella and Laetitia to perform permanent eyebrow makeup. Who would have thought that a friendship and, over the years, a collaboration that led to the creation of the LaPage cosmetic line would be born from an appointment.

Luca Sergi's ten-year experience in Franchising and in Management for Laetitia Erard have accompanied Oriella Page in the idea of ​​giving life to this brand. Only by joining forces, having discipline and rigor, creativity and imagination, has it been possible to transform the LaPage project into a company capable of offering extraordinary products.

Three partners, three different personalities, three different backgrounds but which united have made this vision a reality.