La Punta di Diamante della Linea: la Crème Résiliente LAPAGE COSMETICS

The Diamond of LaPage: the Crème Résiliente

La Crème Résiliente is a rich cream with a precious texture with a plumping and illuminating action.
Many sought-after active ingredients such as peoniflorin, which works on skin inflammations by eliminating damaged mitochondria, regenerating them. It has a natural antioxidant action. Excellent Anthea age, it stimulates fibroblasts by creating collagen.
Pistachio and sesame oil, together with Murumuru and Bakuri butter, which instantly hydrate the skin in depth, restoring the skin barrier, and giving it a silky and luminous appearance.
Crème Résiliente also contains Ceramides, which reintegrate the fatty component of the hydrolipidic film and strengthen the natural skin barrier. They are an excellent anti-aging and work on very dry skin.

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