Un sogno che diventa realtà LAPAGE COSMETICS

A dream that becomes reality

Every dream is born at a precise moment, when an idea meets an existential value. Later it perfects itself with the experiences of my life and then becomes reality.

LaPage was born in my heart already in the first years in which I entered the world of aesthetics. At the time, the girl who was studying aesthetics could not imagine what the future would hold for her.

The last few years have forged the philosophy and identity of this line.
Next to me today with immense pride I have my mother: I dedicate to her the realization of this line, she who from my birth has encouraged me to be myself, always and in any case. She who taught me to love without judgment and to admire diversity.

She who fought cancer during a worldwide pandemic and who faced my genetic mutation by my side.
All these experiences have perfected and made LaPage unique.

Which today is a perfect combination of: deep values and absolute tolerance towards any beauty and gender, clean formulations with a strong belief in using preservatives without endocrine disrupters, innovative functional substances such as peoniflorin and pre and postbiotics.

This dream is now a reality, but the adventure has just begun.

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